Beer tasting at Stellenbrau

Hidden treasures in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is mostly famous for its university, wineries and art galleries. On Saturday, with our Entertainer app in hand, we headed out on our Stellenbosch adventure with some good friends.

If you love exploring and taking part in fun activities but need to do it on a budget, get the Entertainer app. Through the app, we discovered these vibrant places and there are so many more places we saw on it that we still want to go to and visit.

With our morning cappuccinos and donuts, we drove the 45 minutes from Wellington to Stellenbosch on to our Saturday adventure.


Our first little stop was a hidden little gem by die name of Turkspirit. This is a Turkish inspired coffee shop where you can indulge in a coffee and Turkish delight pairing. Don’t like Turkish delight, don’t worry, they have other food options to choose from if you are feeling peckish.

Once you step through the door you are completely transported to Turkey. The decor, cups, plates all display the vibrant culture.

We had the coffee and Turkish delight pairing, if you don’t like coffee you can have normal tea or apple tea. There are seven flavors of Turkish delight to try with the pairing. It includes mint, rose, almond, ginger, chocolate, pomegranate, and peach. My husband, who is not a Turkish delight fan, took the plunge and tried it. He was impressed with the Turkish delight. You can clearly taste all the different flavors and it is completely different than the Turkish delight you get in the shops where you can only taste the sugar.

They also offer the traditional Turkish coffee experience which they heat the coffee in the sand. If you are a group of 14 or more you can make a booking and try it. Do yourself a favor and go pop into the shop for some decadent Turkish delight.


After Turkspirit we drove 3km to go to Stellenbrau for a brewery tour and beer tasting. We ended up staying there for 3 hours. It was just so relaxing! This is a great spot to stop and try all the different proudly Stellenbosch craft beers.

With the tour, you get an option of a full beer, the tour, and tasting. You can decide in which order you want to do it. So we opted for drinking our beers while on the tour and then do the tasting. This was a great decision. You appreciate the beer so much more while you see the process it has to go through to become super tasty. I think I am now truly converted to craft beer.

The tour guide explained everything in so much detail, answered all our questions and let us smell and taste some of the ingredients that go into beer making. I will not give away all the details, you need to experience it for yourself!

Afterward we had the tasting of there five craft beers, the Craven Lager, Jonkers Weis, Alumni Ale, Governor’s Red Lager and a brand new beer which is not yet on the market.

Because there is so much beer to taste we just chilled and took our time. They also offer burgers if you are hungry, which you will need after all that beer. They just need a vegetarian option, because they did not have we had to grab some food at another spot.

All and all this was a fantastic lazy Saturday experience with good friends, good beer and sunny South African weather. Stellenbosch is full of hidden gems and it will take a life time to visit every amazing place, but we will surely try to visit them all. What places would you suggest we visit next?

Feature photo by Drikus Koegelenberg

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