Thinking about conscious living

What does living consciously mean to you? That is the question I asked myself when I thinking about life and everything. For me living consciously means being aware of what products you buy, what you eat, what you say to other people and how you react.

That last one was a hard lesson to learn.

You will always have stressors in your life that will make things difficult. There will be good days and bad days and you will have days where you think: What am I doing here, what am I doing with my life? Do I really have an impact on other people, will they remember me when I am gone as someone who tried to do the right thing?

In those situations, it is important to be conscious and focus on good things, no matter how big or small. Don’t stress about the small stuff that happens daily and as hard as it can be don’t react to negative situations. You can’t change other people but you can change your reaction.

As I drove home from work today a thought just came into my mind. What is my heaven and peace? Then when I looked over the green hills and cows grazing I realized this is my peace. My peace is knowing I am going home to my loving husband and three rowdy cats. That I still have my parents, sister, and friends that love me no matter what. No matter how my mood swings and how depressed I get.

I found my husband very early in my life and I am so lucky to have him. He keeps me grounded and without him, I would be lost. I thank our Father in heaven every day for him. My husband might be my rock in my case but in your case, it might be your parents, a friend, a sibling, a neighbor. The important thing is not to try and do it alone. Find someone to share your most inner thoughts.

Be conscious of your surroundings, the people in your life, what you buy, what you put in and on your body.

It is about finding your heaven and peace on this earth. To find something that is important to you! Forget everybody else but focus on yourself.

Photo by Olga Pogodina on Unsplash
Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

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