Expressive Art Workshop at Ridegeback Wines

Wine, Painting and a Desert Rose

Art is the expression of one’s soul

This past Saturday I went to a workshop that revitalized me, healed my soul and kindled an old passion for painting. This is time of the year were everybody feels run down and just in need of a holiday. Unfortunately for me, that holiday needs to wait. This month I started a new job. It is a fantastic job, but as you embark into the unknown you get stressed. Couple that with the two weddings in the next two months we have coming up where my husband and I play a prominent role, my stress levels were very high. I needed to do something to get out of the house and just relax.

By chance, my husband saw an add on Facebook about Expressive Art giving a painting workshop painting a desert rose, which I love. It included a wine tasting beforehand, a glass of wine while you paint, some light snacks and the expert instructions from Antonia De Oliveira Barlett. This was the break that I needed.

The wine

The workshop was hosted at Ridgeback Wines which is the perfect venue just to relax, watch the swans, ducks and Khoi fish swim in the dam while painting and enjoying a glass of wine. Do yourself a favor and visit them for a wine tasting or a scrumptious meal. 

On arrival I was introduced to the three wonderful ladies that will join me in this workshop and our teacher, Antonia, I immediately felt welcome. And without further ado, we started with the wine tasting. We tasted the Lion Hound White, Vasha White, Lion Hound Red, Lion Hound Shiraz, Vasha Red, and Lion Hound Cabernet Sauvignon. Each one is an easy-drinking wine and has a unique flavor. These are wines worth tasting and getting a bottle or two or three.

The painting

After the informational wine tasting and great conversation, we moved to the deck area where our canvases were set up. You don’t need to bring any art supplies with you to the workshop, everything was provided. The table setting with the small easels, canvases and paint looked inviting and beckoned me to start painting.

Antonia started to explain the subject matter, how to mix your paints, how to use the shadows and highlights. At each of our stations, we had three images of the desert rose that helped a lot. A small one on top of the canvas, a black and white one to easily see the shadows and highlights and then a larger one to easily see the colors and petals. 

And off we went, starting to apply our bottom layer on the canvasses. Antonia walked around, encouraging, giving advice and holding our canvases farter away so that we can see how it looks from a distance. While we painted the conversation just flowed. We laughed, discussed being a woman and painted up a storm. 

The time just floated by and by 12:00 we got our mouthwatering snack. It was really well made, looked beautiful and balanced the whole experience. 

Desert Rose

As we got to our second layer, Antonia showed us how to apply the colors so that it flows with the base coat. At that time you can clearly see each personal style coming to light. We all painted the same subject but we ended up with completely different paintings. It is amazing to see each one side by side. At the end of the workshop, I was happy, relaxed, made new friends and looking forward to the next workshop. This is one workshop I encourage everybody to do. You don’t need to know anything about painting, this is to relax, enjoy some wine and try something new.

If you want to start painting, interested in the next workshop or are looking for art classes Expressive Art is definitely the place to go to. Antonia is encouraging, helpful and very creative. You can fire more information about the weekly classes on their Facebook page: Expressive Art.

I will be doing the next workshop if time allows and my friends made me promise to tell them when it is. I’m looking forward to being creative again and taking up my paintbrush.

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